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Compulsory basic training (CBT) was introduced in 1990 to help reduce the very high accident rate among inexperienced motorcyclists. CBT must be completed before a learner moped or motorcycle rider is allowed to ride on the road with L-plates or D-plates in Wales.




When to complete a CBT

You will need to complete a CBT if:

  • you want to ride a motorcycle
  • you want to ride a moped

What does CBT involve?

The CBT course involves five elements:

      A. introduction
      B. practical on-site training
      C. practical on-site riding
      D. practical on-road training
      E. practical on-road riding

The five elements have to be completed in sequence, although the order of the exercises within the element can be varied. You will move on to the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learnt the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe basic level.

Trainees must, by law, receive a minimum two hour on-road ride in Element E.

Certificate of completion (DL 196)

We provide our learner drivers with the right conditions to receive good, sound training in all categories. Our friendly riding instructors have many years of professional experience. This makes learning with us particularly straight forward and helps us offer you excellent support on your way to obtaining your driving licence.


We provide long-term guidance during the preparation phase and are happy to answer any questions you may have. There's no  need to feel under any pressure, taking away any need to worry before taking your tests. You can also receive information directly from our riding school. We'll be happy to offer you our expert advice!



 You Must be 16 or older. Must present The plastic part of your licence to participate.

Must wear suitable boots or trainers that cover your ankle and jeans or tough cotton trousers with no holes in them.

If you need Glasses to drive you must bring glasses or contact lenses to wear on your CBT, and be able to pass eye test - able to read number plates from 67ft away.   

If the candidate does not reach the minimmum safety standard by the end of module C or E (practical riding on our training pad or road ride  ) on the day of the course there will be a further training required.

CBT's start at 8am, Please arrive 15 Minutes before your course starts. if you are late and we have already started the course you will lose your space and any deposits payment made.

If you require confirmation of your CBT or DAS please let one of the staff members know and we can supply this for you.

If you book though our online system you will automatically recieve confirmation.



If for any reason you cant make your CBT/DAS training we require 48 hours notice, after the 48hours you will lose your deposit.

You can only move your CBT/DAS training ONCE and this also requires 48hours notice, after this any payment made will be lost!




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